Bob Ottaway


I am Bob Ottaway, I graduated in 2018 from YorkU with a MA in Cinema and Media Studies and will be attending again for a PhD in Humanities.


Why did you get involved in this project?

I was made aware of it through a general email and was intrigued at the idea of how a short burst of my words would be interpreted visually by another.

Did the one week turn-around for the work help or hinder your creativity?

It did not hinder me and was interesting creatively.

How did you feel about working on a project where you didn’t know who you were collaborating with?

The unknown factor made it exciting.

Has being involved in the project changed your thoughts on creativity?

Not particularly.

If you worked on several videos, what kept you coming back for more and how many did you do?

I have not produced nor written many videos.

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