Christian Yves Jones


Christian Yves Jones is a Philippine-born, New Zealand raised video artist. He graduated from the Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand) on a Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship. He has experience working in live television broadcast, music video, and corporate video productions. Christian has also shot several short films, with work making official selection in the 43rd Dance on Camera Festival in (New York, USA); Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival (Hong Kong); and the Choreoscope Dance Film Festival (Barcelona, Spain; and Bucharest, Romania). Christian often plays with heavy chiaroscuro light effects to help build drama and capture the atmosphere of a location. Christian’s upcoming short film, Dumplings / 餃子, filmed with BIPOC artist, Kimberly Ho, will soon feature in the Festival of Recorded Movement in Vancouver.

Instagram: @christianyvesjones


Why did you get involved in this project?

The project seemed like a fun way to be creative during covid-19 lockdown. It was a great opportunity to focus on one particular aspect of production (videography) with minimal creative restrictions.

Did the one week turn-around for the work help or hinder your creativity?

Because of the short time frame and being in lockdown during the time, it encouraged me to think more of the present. With the imagery I captured, I wanted to express the mood I was feeling in that week.

How did you feel about working on a project where you didn’t know who you were collaborating with?

I’m excited to see how the next artist will interpret and edit my footage without much context. It’s also liberating to let the work free to morph without having to give too much input. It will be interesting how the whole piece will read once all the collaborators' content are edited together.

Has being involved in the project changed your thoughts on creativity?


If you worked on several videos, what kept you coming back for more and how many did you do?

Only shot one.

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