Guillermina Buzio


Photo Credit: Claudia Huerta

Guillermina Buzio is a Toronto-based artist, and holds a BFA from the National University of Fine Arts (Argentina), a Bachelor of Media Arts from the Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design, and an MFA from the OCAD University. As a visual artist she has worked in a diverse range of media, including video installation and performance. Her work focuses on human rights and women identity and has been shown nationally and internationally.

During the past few years, Guillermina has been programming for different festivals and venues. Guillermina co-directs Colectivo Toronto, an independent group dedicated to the development and presentation of contemporary art focusing on first retrospectives of local women filmmakers.

PHOTO CREDIT: Claudia Huerta


Why did you get involved in this project?

Midi invited me and I was hesitant but I thought was going to be good for me during this time and it was.

Did the one week turn-around for the work help or hinder your creativity?

It worked for me.

How did you feel about working on a project where you didn’t know who you were collaborating with?

I love collaborations, I didn’t mind, I liked not knowing.

Has being involved in the project changed your thoughts on creativity?

As I’ve been away from producing for different reasons it allowed me to enjoy it and reminded me that I can be creative even though I am not doing arts as a full time job.

If you worked on several videos, what kept you coming back for more and how many did you do?

I did 3, it was fun, I like editing, I like playing while editing and doing sound. I came back as many times as I could without feeling stressed about it.

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