Jamie Whitecrow


JL Whitecrow is a multi-disciplinary artist from Seine River First Nation, Treaty #3 and lives in Toronto. Shes created artistic works in film, visual art, music, and performance, most which have been showcased through LGBTQ2S and BIPOC circles and film festivals. JL is currently working on an MFA in Film Production at York University.




Why did you get involved in this project?

I am a fan of Midi Onodera’s work, surrealism, and I like to make short films quickly (it helps me to get better at filmmaking). It was also a very creative and fun idea to be a part of.

Did the one week turn-around for the work help or hinder your creativity?

I only had a few hours to work on it, actually. I had several deadlines that week. If I had more time, I definitely would have shot some of the footage instead of finding images.

How did you feel about working on a project where you didn’t know who you were collaborating with?

That was the fun part! The reveal was exciting to me.

Has being involved in the project changed your thoughts on creativity?

The project allowed me to see how a larger scale video project could be organized, and it will definitely inspire bigger projects in the future for myself.

If you worked on several videos, what kept you coming back for more and how many did you do?

I only worked on one video. I would have liked to work on more! Unfortunately my workload got too heavy.

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