Taravat Khalili


I am an experimental filmmaker and a multimedia artist, based in Toronto. I have studied filmmaking practices at Sheridan College. Earned my Bachelor’s and Master’s of Fine Arts from York University. I am the co-founder of KAJART, a multimedia studio that focuses on animation and visual arts. Our Animations and my films have won a number of awards from film festivals, including MaGa Macon Film Festival, Tirgan Film Festival, Farhang Foundation Festival, Viva Doc International and have been officially selected for festival’s such as Hot Docs, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Images Film Festival, Victoria Film Festival, Le FIFA, Cinematheque Winnipeg and Pleasure Dome.


Why did you get involved in this project?

I found the idea very interesting and wanted to be involved in this collaboration.

Did the one week turn-around for the work help or hinder your creativity?

It helped me.

How did you feel about working on a project where you didn’t know who you were collaborating with?

 I felt fine, I liked the mystery.

Has being involved in the project changed your thoughts on creativity?

I tried to be more abstract.

If you worked on several videos, what kept you coming back for more and how many did you do?

I provided two set of texts and shot for two projects, at the time I had some time on hand that I could dedicate to the work, however that was cut short by work deadlines.

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